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Tips from Our Lawn Care Service Providers for Yellow Lawns

Even though a yellow lawn can be ugly, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem. As is sometimes the case, yellow spots can normally be fixed. There are several reasons why a lawn maybe yellow. Identifying the cause can alleviate, even in most cases eliminate the reason why lawns turn yellow.

Sometimes seasonal temperatures can trigger off yellowing or browning in a lawn, this is when it is preparing for dormancy. So it will be helpful to know what kind of grass you have. This will make it much easier to determine if and when grass enters its dormancy. Usually, warm season grasses get dormant in the late fall. Cool season lawns could begin to fade in the summer months. To help minimize this, overseed using another grass type.

Often times, the soil can be responsible for a lawn turning yellow. Poor soil will host a variety of problems such as nutrient deficiencies. It also makes grass more open to pests and other diseases. Topping up your soil with compost can help avoid most soil problems, ranging from bad drainage to the incorrect pH levels.

In addition to this, fertilizer could be necessary for repairing such lawns. The most common thing which is associated with yellow spots is the lack of nutrients, like nitrogen. Extra nitrogen, used properly, can usually restore back the natural color to yellow grass. Iron deficiencies will also contribute, this is easily corrected by simply adding iron supplements into your lawn.

Yellow grass can also be the result of disease or pests. Insect, like the grub worm, can play a big part in the grass turning yellow. Diseases, like yellow patch, are detrimental to any lawn. The best defence for these is prevention. In some situations, a yellow lawn could require reseeding or resodding. But if this not work either, call in a professional lawn care service for help.

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